Harris County Sheriff Update

June 9, 2021

Property crimes remain low to nonexistent in the community. However, as school is drawing to a close which means we anticipate seeing an increase in activity, during all hours. Make sure you are not an easy target. Lock your doors, windows, close trunks, and garage doors. SECURE, SECURE, SECURE, your property THEN check again to make sure that you’ve SECURED it. Many of the criminals active within the communities are opportunists; meaning they are looking to “catch you when you least expect it”. These opportunities are created very easily by leaving valuables out in the open and leaving residences/ vehicles unlocked. Many of the criminals will not break the windows of the vehicle or residence unless they truly believe there is valuable property left unattended.

PLEASE be cautious of your surroundings when driving home from the bank or retail stores. Harris County and the City of Houston among other jurisdictions are seeing a sharp spike in Home Invasions and Aggravated Robberies where criminals are following the victims home from these locations and robbing or assaulting them. Criminals are also following people from malls. At the first opportunity they are busting the windows out and stealing the merchandise the victim just purchased.

A lot of these crimes can be prevented by just paying attention. If you feel you are being followed, call 911 and drive to a well populated place or a police station.

Lastly, the crime of the year is Catalytic Converter theft. West Harris County has been hit HARD by people targeting these items. Unfortunately there’s no real solution to combat this yet. Thefts are occurring all over the place in broad daylight while at the grocery stores, school parking lots, and even right in your own driveways. The only effective method is to park in the garage but I understand that’s not an option for everyone.

PLEASE remain vigilant and REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACITVITY TO US DIRECTLY. It does the Sheriff’s Department no good, if you see something and post is on Nextdoor or notify the HOA instead of calling 911. That extends to all other issues including noise complaints, suspicious activity, and on-viewed crime in general. Suspicious Tow Trucks should also be reported if seen driving around the neighborhood at night.

Kindest regards,
Your Harris County Sheriff Deputy Team

Important Numbers

Harris County MUD No. 71
Office: (281) 897-9100

Harris County Sheriff’s Office
Emergency: 911
Non Emergency: (713) 221-6000

CenterPoint Energy
Street light outage: (713) 207-2222

Harris County Precinct 3
Westside Service Center
General Information: (281) 463-6300

Best Trash
Office: (281) 313-2378

Signature Association Management
Office: (713) 338-3436