Board of Directors

Board Biographies

Martin Braniff is a director at large. Martin has lived in the community since 2016 with his wife and daughters. He enjoys spending time with the family and helping in the community. Martin aims to make communication between the board and community, as well as staying up to date with neighborhood events, easier via tech and apps.

Kendra Dixon I moved to Bridgewater in 2009. I consider myself to be a passionate community servant. I appreciate how the board works together on improving the community.

Elisha Rogers and family have resided in Bridgewater for 15 years. Elisha enjoys travel, camping and working with local charities. Her drive and passion to see a continued strong association, preserving the values of our homes and supporting a safe community is Elisha’s motivation.

Trennan Gamble is the Board President. He and his family are 18-year plus Bridgewater residents. Trennan enjoys community involvement, athletics, working out, outdoor cooking and is a basketball referee. His initiatives include Board transparency and improving attendance at Bridgewater events and Board meetings.

Monica McCoy I have lived in Bridgewater since 2005. I decided to get involved to help improve our neighborhood and to make a difference after volunteering for events in our neighborhood. I have been a Troop Leader in Girl Scouts, coached youth sports basketball and track, also a referee for volleyball and basketball for area schools. I am continuing to make our neighborhood better while working hard and communicating with neighbors. I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Karen Rocker I have been on the board for several years. I wanted to get on the board to help improve the pool services and the landscaping we were receiving in the community. I have experience in pool management and also a good understanding of landscape. I have been involved in the planting of several trees and major improvements at both pools.

Larry Howell is a Sr. Electrical Engineering Designer at a local Houston Consulting Firm, where he takes a client’s “scope of work-contract” then product engineering dwg. pkg.s that accomplish what is necessary to achieve the task. Larry supervises four electrical designer and 2 acad operators. Applied dynamics involve basic electrical engineering for medium, low, and control voltage for operation equipment used in the oil/gas, processing, and plants throughout the U.S. (currently). Larry has worked in the Engineering Industry for 45 years. Started off drafting for a Civil Eng. group and worked his way up to Global EPC companies like KBR and CBI. The duration of this type of career took tons of school, which is ongoing along with extensive field intervention (OJT). The outcome of time and effort was required to obtain the necessary skills to compete with international companies. Larry’s success is based on a crew of professionals with experience in his industry that combined; they offer a turn-key solution to their client needs. Larry Howell is a motorcycle enthusiast and marksman. Remember “God made Texas with his own hands.”